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  G. Benaske Builder L.L.C.

  Benaske Builders L.L.C.

 Benaske Builders, LLC
 R-Value Foam Insulation, LLC
 Phone: 989-433-5557
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  About Us

Benaske Builders L.L.C. has been in business for over 30 years. It was first started by John Benaske and as his sons grew, each one worked with him. They started out at age 3 as "gophers" and progressed up to the point of project managers while on the way securing a Builder's License from the state of Michigan. They learned and still practice the art of quality workmanship and customer service from their father, John.

John Benaske

John successfully completed Central Michigan University's Carpenter Apprenticeship program while being employed full time in the Carpenter Shop. He received his Journeyman Carpenter's card in 1980. Since that time, he has worked in every facet of the building process. His eye for detail and ability to use all space efficiently and make sure none is wasted maximizes the customer's dollars and makes John a very sought after builder.

Mark Benaske

Mark worked with his father John since he was 3 years old. He continued to hone his craft and has become a very talented builder in his own right. He successfully passed the state of Michigan's builder's license exam when he was only 18 years old. Not too bad for a person that young. Mark has worked hard to maintain the philosophy of quality workmanship and holds to the saying that "You may find cheaper but you're not going to find better. Your home is probably the most expensive investment you will ever make - quality will last a lifetime." You will know that the future of Benaske Builders L.L.C. is in very capable hands once you meet and talk to Mark. He is also one of the most sought after contractors in the Central Michigan area.

Greg Benaske

Greg completed his Bachelor of Applied Arts degree with a major in Construction Management and a minor in Safety from Central Michigan University. For the next two years, he worked as a salesman. However, his love of the construction world kept beckoning him back. He began Greg Benaske Builder as a side job to fulfill his creative side. The pull became so strong that he went full time and has been operating G. Benaske Builder L.L.C. ever since. Through his hard work and diligence, he has proven that you can insist on quality and still do it for a fair price. His ability to meet the customer's needs make him a proud member of the Benaske construction tradition and one of the hardest working contractors you could ever hire.

About Us

R-Value Foam Insulation, LLC was founded in 2003 by brothers Mark Benaske and Greg Benaske. In searching for an alternative insulation system that would provide a higher R-Value, superior quality and a greener solution for our customers, we discovered the many benefits of spray foam. The polyurethane two-component has the highest R-Value you can find today. Foam insulation has a variety of uses, from foundation coating to insulating water lines in the ground to the most obvious, keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Through years of experience in the construction industry, we knew that this product would save customers money within 2 to 3 years by substantially lowering energy bills and no other insulation that can compete.

Our Services

Dow Foam which is the most versatile spray polyurethane foam perimeter wall insulation available on the market today.

Features of Dow Foam Include:

  • Stops Air Infiltration
  • High Insulation Value
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Spray Applied
  • Rigid
  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Code Approved
  • Safe


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February 15, 2006
We have added video tours of some of our homes in our Gallery.

November 22, 2005
New photos were added to the Gallery.

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Benaske Builders is proud to have been voted "2001, #1 Building Contractor " in Isabella County.

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